We help you build a skilled and dedicated clinical research workforce!

Your Clinical Trial Success Depends On Your Team!

Having the best people gives you the best of both worlds: lower costs and risk and higher quality, efficiency, and certainty. That’s why gold-standard talent leads to gold-standard progress – to the next stage, next trial, or next product launch – helping your business change the world for the better.

PolyCRA is a Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) licensed and regulated clinical research training organization that is committed to helping clients achieve their workforce goals.

We offer comprehensive expert-led 6-week hybrid training programs to help equip aspiring clinical research associates, coordinators, and principal investigators with the necessary skills to effectively support clinical study teams in the safe testing of new drugs and medical devices (investigational products) in humans.

PolyCRA’s unique training approach to workforce development means you have a dedicated partner in getting the most from your team at every career stage. We believe that better training equals better results.

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