Check out what our alumni have to say! See below for testimonials from our satisfied graduates who have gone on to successful careers in the clinical research industry.

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  1. I am so happy that I decided to take this particular course! PolyCRA CRA training course was amazing. The team was so supportive from start to finish! The information in the modules was so helpful for working knowledge in the industry. I am currently a Senior CRA in the field. Thank you so much, PolyCRA team, you have truly made an impact in my life. I am incredibly grateful.

  2. Your training is the best! At the end of their 6 weeks of intensive, world-class training, I knew I was ready for a clinical research career. Joining PolyCRA’s training is the best decision anyone who wants to become a Clinical Research Associate can make. Two weeks after I finished my training, interview, and resume prep, I did my first interview and I got an offer with almost 6 figures as a full-time Clinical Research Associate. Thanks to the efficient and supportive PolyCRA facilitators

  3. You have had such a huge impact on my life! I cannot thank the PolyCRA team enough for the important role they have played in my life. Not only have you provided me the knowledge and skills required to enter the clinical research industry, but the lessons and advice, along with amazing mentoring… You have had such a huge impact on my life. I’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me. When I started working as a CRA, my manager could rely on my valuable contributions to the team. I recommend PolyCRA to anyone seeking an entry-level position in clinical research.

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